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Isolation: Strain 2 (iso_strn2.wad)

Year 2020
IWAD doom2.wad
Source port Boom-compatible
Game mode(s) Single-player
Map(s) contributed MAP07

Isolation was a community project hosted by Doom community legend Jimmy in March of 2020. The idea was to make a collection of speedmaps under a certain set of restrictions. The project ended up amassing enough maps for two full 32-level megawads, named Strain 1 and Strain 2.

My contribution to the Isolation project was MAP07 of Strain 2, “Cavern Abomination”. It is a small cave/techbase-styled map with straightforward gameplay. Progression in the map leans towards linear, with the player having to find a key in order to open a door that leads to the final combat area and, subsequently, the exit. The experience is accompanied by an original MIDI composition by Yours Truly.