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The Stars of Styx (TheStarsOfStyx.wad)

Year 2014
IWAD doom2.wad
Source port ZDoom
Game mode(s) Single-player
Map(s) MAP01-03

The Stars of Styx is a 3-level mapset for none other than my source port of choice, ZDoom. The aesthetic in this mapset is predominantly a combination of blue and gray, and the levels contain a lot of glowing things. And I mean a lot of glowing things.

The structure of the levels here is, for lack of a better word, pseudo-non-linear, meaning that progression is very highly controlled and there’s often only one way from point A to point B. Gameplay is mostly rather slow-paced, but things do get a little more hectic in a couple of areas. This wad also features an original soundtrack composed by Yours Truly.